Locksley Dining Room

Locksley Dining Room

If it’s wrong to love a dining room then I don’t want to be right 😉  Ahh, I do love this room.  So lovely, so light and airy, a little formal, but so very approachable.  Just perfect if you ask me!

When I first met with my client she showed me that beautiful piece of art (painted by someone in her family) on the left wall.  It was the perfect muse to inspire the room!  We kept these killer chairs that the client already had.  She also had this chandelier, but it was draped in crystals.  We took them off to give the room a clean, no frills look.

The chenille rug is from Jaipur and the classic, traditional table is from Universal.

Garner Dining 1

A beauty, right?Garner Dining 8

The lavender lamps are from Horchow and the fabulous mirror is from Home Goods.  The buffet is vintage and repainted.

Garner Dining 2

Garner DIning 6

My client was a bit over the chandelier, but once she took off all of the crystals, it really had a classy heirloom look.  I’m so glad we kept it!

Garner Dining Room 4

Yep, there was no way I was letting these chairs go, they make such a statement when paired with this contrasting table.  And I do love this rug.

Garner Dining 3

Garner Dining 9

Possibly my client’s only request was for me to include a vessel for her to store the shells that she has collected with her kids.  My Nana had a fish just like this in her home to display her treasures, so when I saw this one, I knew it would fit the bill perfectly.  I just love weaving client’s collections and stories throughout their homes.

Working on this room was a pleasure.  Cheers to all the meals that will be enjoyed with family and friends in this space!

Garner Dining Room 5